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Onesta Solar and Nautilus are a joint team dedicated to providing residents of Massachusetts the empowered choice of Community Solar. We help educate consumers on how to reduce their National Grid electric bill by switching to a green and renewable community solar garden for their electricity. This alternative replaces fossil fuels as their main energy source and helps to protect our environment while lowering their monthly electric bill for years to come.  

Join the community solar movement and start saving today!

Discover new value in a smarter  energy market with community solar  

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a new environmentally friendly alternative that has become extremely popular and an easy way to support solar power with no money down and while saving money on your monthly energy bill without rooftop solar panels and sometime troublesome Installation Charges. Our community solar gardens are designed with you in mind and its production is 100% locally generated serving your community. Onesta Solar make it easy and simple to subscribe for services and home owners,  renters and business can participate. Join the movement and make a  difference and help build a brighter future now and for generations to come! 


Benefits and Advantages

of Community Solar

Energy savings:
With Nautilus Solar's solar plan you will always receive savings to the SRC bill credits on your National Grid utility bill.

Solar energy for everyone:
All New York residential homeowners 

Clean, renewable energy:
Your power bill will be offset by credits from the production of the community solar garden.

No panel installation:
You receive solar energy credits on your utility bill without having to install equipment or panels on your home or business.

Moves and grows with you:
Your subscription is transferable within the National Grid territory. If you move to a larger house your subscription can be transferred and your energy subscription can be increased.

No up-front or hidden costs: 
Sign up for community solar energy from Nautilus Solar and begin seeing immediate savings on your electricity bill.

Quick, easy sign up:
Follow the instructions below to join a community solar garden near you!

Program Details

Enrolling into community solar is simple. Below you’ll find everything you need to  know about joining the community solar movement. Start to take advantage  of the flexible choice with Onesta Solar and Nautilus Solar.

Program Requirements  

A subscriber to the Massachusetts Solar*Rewards Community (SRC) program must be an National Grid electric retail customer in Massachusetts. The premise for which a customer intends to receive a bill credit must be in one of the following Counties: Dodge, Freeborn, Goodhue, Mower, Olmsted, Rice or Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Renville, Yellow Medicine, and Lac Qui Parle.

Solar Supply and Subscriber Requirements 

The community solar garden allotted allocation for this program is 1,300 kilowatts DC (kWs) / 1,000 AC in size and will be open for subscription on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the program is fully subscribed, any customer who wishes to join will be placed on a waiting list and will be among the first notified by Onesta Solar once their desired portion of kWs is available.

  1. A subscriber must be an electric retail customer of National Grid
  2. Subscriptions must not exceed 120% of your average annual electric energy usage
  3. Subscriptions must not exceed 40% of a single garden
  4. Subscribers will be provided a monthly credit on their bill. The credit will be determined on a dollar per kilowatt-hours produced ($/kWh) basis by National Grid

Community Solar Rate

There is no up-front cost to you.  You will be billed each month after National Grid has posted the credit to your electric bill.  It will show up as a “dollar credit” towards your bill.

The current value of the credit is $0.15310/kWh for every kWh generated by the project; however, your rate is $0.13779, a 10% discount!  Regardless of how rates change, your discount will always be 10%!

The value of your bill credits will change as National Grid's rates change – if rates go up, your credit becomes more valuable.  If rates stay flat or decline, you’ll still continue to save 10% on your credits, paying 90 cents for every dollar posted to your account!

Here’s an estimated calculation for value of bill credits over a 25-year hypothetical period assuming a 2.5% bill credit increase on average and the anticipated price you would pay to Onesta Solar’s CLIENT’s program. As you can see, you’ll always be 10% less than the bill credit, no matter what. This will help give you a general idea of the price of your of kWhs in our community solar garden.

Example Bill Credit Calculator for GENERAL Program Savings



Spaces are limited and subscription spots fill up quickly, so SIGN UP NOW or speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-888-376-4243 and help reduce damaging CO2 emissions like fossil fuel energy produces, while saving on your monthly energy spend. And when you sign up, you’ll also receive a $200 Restaurant.com Gift Card*

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Community Solar work? 

The electricity that is generated from the solar farm is fed into the Electric Grid.  Members receive solar credits each month that automatically subtract from their electricity costs to the Utility Company.

Who can participate? 

Any resident, business, or religious institution with an electric bill in the appropriate load zone can subscribe and go solar; regardless of whether the property is owned or rented.

Will I still be receiving my electric bill? 

Yes. Members of the solar farm pay their Utility Company each month for the costs the credits don't cover. We try to cover 100% of your electric costs, but we can't control clouds. Members are automatically billed each month for the discounted solar credits they've received.

What does it cost and how much money will I be saving? 

There is no cost to join the Community Solar Farm.  Each credit is purchased at a 10% discount, so the amount you save depends on your usage.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a shared solar farm in which local residents, businesses, and religious institutions can subscribe to the solar energy that is produced to help offset their electricity costs.

Do I need to install any panels on my property? 

No. Panels will not be located on your property. Members of the array receive virtual solar credits from the offsite solar farms.

Can I participate if I have a Third-Party Supplier (ESCO)? 

Yes. People often confuse Community Solar with Third Party Suppliers (ESCOs.) While the ESCO may lower the supply portion of the bill, discounted solar credits reduce the cost of the entire bill. If you’re happy with your ESCO, you might as well do both!

What portion of the bill is the discount applied to? 

The solar credits can be applied to every portion of the Electric Bill.

It's Free To Join.  Spaces Are Limited So Register Today!



Onesta Solar is a 360 Managed Services® company.

12808 W Airport Blvd, Suite 230, Sugar Land, TX 77478

$200 Gift Card

-There is no guarantee that your solar production projections will be met and there is no guarantee of any minimum number of Bill Credits to be allocated to you under this Contract. Therefore, should the Project “underperform” you will only pay for and be credited for what is produced for you.

-The value of your bill credits will change as Xcel’s rates change.

– If rates go up, your credit becomes more valuable. If rates stay flat or decline, you’ll continue to save 10% on your credits, paying 90 cents for every dollar posted to your account!

-If you start to use more energy and want to receive more credits and savings simply reach out to us, and we will increase your allocation if space is available.

-If you start to use less energy and want to receive fewer credits, contact us, and we will work with you to downsize your allocation, if there is demand from other customers.

-Alternately, you can find a replacement customer, and if they meet our requirements, you can transfer once that customer is ready to take your subscription!

-Syncarpha will be in charge of all maintenance and operations of the solar garden.

-All installations, upgrades, and repairs to the Project will be under the direct supervision of a NABCEP-certified solar professional. All maintenance will be performed according to industry standards, including the recommendations of the manufacturers of the solar panels and other operational components of the Project. .

-In the unlikely event that the company goes bankrupt the solar garden in your subscription would be assigned to a different management company to see the project through its 25-year contract with Xcel and will continue to generate credits regardless of owner.

-We have designed this to be as risk free as possible, given the nature of the billing cycle and administrative work with the utility company, if you do not provide sufficient notice when attempting to cancel or transfer the subscription you may be responsible for a solar bill in which you cannot utilize those credits.

-If you move but stay in our project’s eligible service area (in Dodge County or a contiguous county, and served by Xcel), your subscription moves with you! We do require one month’s notice, so that we can coordinate with Xcel.

-If you move out of our project’s eligible service area (Dodge County or a contiguous county, and served directly by Xcel) or move to an apartment or assisted living facility or other new home where you no longer have an Xcel account, you can cancel at no cost to you, simply by giving us three months’ notice.

-Simply pay a $275 fee or find someone to take the subscription over at no cost to you.

-Since you are receiving all of your energy through the grid you will not receive power from the solar garden or Xcel.

-Since you are only paying for bill credits in which you have received this should not concern you. If it seems to be making a noticeable difference than simply reach out to us, and we will increase your allocation if space is available.

-Since you do not own any part of the system, you are not eligible to receive any tax credits or incentives. Your only obligation as a subscriber is to pay for your monthly solar credits.

-360 Solar Power Solutions a division of 360 Managed Services is a managed services and solution company headquartered in Houston TX. Our teams provide renewable energy solutions that empower and help consumers make educated choices for alternatives that replace the uses of fossil fuel as their major energy source utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a highly talented and experienced team.

The focus of our target market segments is the following:

-Retail Energy Providers
-Utilities - Regulated & Deregulated
-Solar Energy
- Developers & Providers

-To qualify you must live in the county or adjacent county to where the solar garden is built and be a customer of the participating utility company. Some solar gardens may have a minimum credit requirement.

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How can I tell if the solar farm is working?  

You will have access to view the solar production, $ savings, CO2 off-set, and total environmental impact from the solar farm on a daily basis.  

What happens if I move? 

You can take your Community Solar subscription with you! As long as you reside in the same electric load zone, you can continue to support clean energy and reduce your electric bill.

Use the “Savings Calculator” link below; then move slider-bar to see your estimated savings 

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